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TheraFit Physical Therapy

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with a Qualified Healthcare Professional

TheraFIT PT is a customized one-on-one personal training and fitness program conducted by licensed Physical Therapy Medical Professionals to improve and maintain physical fitness, strength, flexibility and mobility in a safe and clean environment and it is a proprietary service of The Body Mechanics Physical Therapy.

In the first session, a thorough evaluation is conducted by a Physical Therapy professional in order to assess your strengths and weaknesses along with your medical history, mobility and flexibility so that a customized program can be established and personal goals set. Depending on the outcome of your evaluation, Physical Therapy may be recommended before entering the TheraFitPT program.

No Doctors Note Required 

Learn Proper Exercise and Movement Techniques

Reduce Your Risk of Injury 

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Why Choose TheraFit 

Choosing TheraFit PT over a personal trainer offers a comprehensive and specialized approach to your fitness journey. With TheraFit PT, you not only get a customized workout routine and strength-building programs but also the assurance that a licensed Physical Therapy Professional, equipped with a state license and college degree, guides your sessions.


This expertise greatly reduces the risk of injury. TheraFit PT goes beyond traditional personal training by incorporating manual therapy, modalities like Electric Stimulation and Ultrasound, and the ability to treat injuries or accommodate past injuries and disabilities. In contrast, a personal trainer with certification only may lack the depth of knowledge and qualifications to address these diverse needs, making TheraFit PT a holistic and safer choice for your fitness goals.



  •  45-minutes - $60

  •  30-minutes - $45


  •  2 people - $40

  •  3 people - $30

Bulk Rate

buy 10 sessions, get one free

  •  11(45 minute sessions - $600

  •  11(30-minute sessions) - $450

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